My first Coachella experience is in the books! And I have to say, I LOVED it. Prior to going I had heard so many people complain about it being over-crowded and that it simply would not be fun. Well… I disagree. I thought it was amazing and, frankly, so well organized! I mean, it’s a music festival after all, so glitz and glamour is not par for the course. It’s more of a dust and kombucha sort of scene. But if you go with that understanding and an open mind, ready for a good time. You’ll get it.

Plan Ahead Using ZenMap

Of course, as with any travel experience, planning always helps you have a smoother experience. Trust me, I’m a Concierge and do this for a living. Prior to going, I turned to ZenMap to plan out my trip. ZenMap, if you aren’t familiar, is an amazing interactive visual map that you can use to find blogs on travel destinations.

I always like to get my travel advice from those who are either local experts or who have been there before, and I find blogs to be a great source for getting an idea of what to expect, learning a few tips along the way, and to visually plan my trip. With so many different types of bloggers sharing their experience, you can get well-rounded, authentic advice on what to eat, see, and do in a destination. Make sure to try and get some advice on how to get to the festival. Transport will probably be one of the most difficult things to organize unless people make use of ride-sharing options, like Lyft. That’s a pretty safe way to get around, however, that doesn’t mean an accident won’t happen. As Coachella is a huge event, there will be a lot of traffic, so Lyft drivers may get into an accident. If this happens, it might be worth contacting a lyft accident lawyer to help you. Hopefully, that won’t happen though.

Since I went to the second weekend, there was already some content up about Coachella! I was able to use the map and click on a few posts, like Vicky Flip Flop Travel, for ideas on how to make the most of my Coachella Experience. From advice on where to hang, what to eat, and how to stay hydrated (with adult beverages), my trip was super smooth!

It’s All About Planning

It’s all about planning. We plotted out the artwork we wanted to see, the bands we wanted to catch, and the booths that looked interesting. So once we were at the festival, we already had a lay of the land. Going the second weekend was cool since we were able to see the highlights from the first weekend and could plan accordingly.

My Coachella Tips

In the spirit of giving back, here are a few tips based off of my experience:

? Wear comfortable shoes or boots, and ones you don’t mind if they get dusty.

? It is prudent that you bring and wear good quality and brand sunglasses, hats, a small backpack, layers to bundle up in the evening, and a scarf! Yes, they may seem like an overrated fashion statement, but they are actually practical.

? Hydrate, eat well (because you can-there are so many healthy food options believe it or not), and pace your drinking!

?Take full advantage of the Coachella app as it’s so useful! They send you reminders for the bands you want to see and have great interactive map.

?Use the Park and Ride, and go early, around 1 or 2. It was so easy and smooth!

On your next trip, give ZenMap a whirl! It’ll make planning more fun, visually appealing, and genuinely educational… plus you are supporting independent bloggers, which is always a great thing.

Coachella: Yay or Nay

That said, Coachella is definitely worth a visit. If you noticed, I barely mentioned the bands! Of course, it is ALL about the music. But it is about so much more! Which is why I focused on the overall experience. At the end of the day, Coachella is totally worth experiencing. Dare I say, you might even love it! I did.