Literally, I get asked this question every day. “I’m in LA! Should I rent a car?” There are many variables to this answer, by generally speaking, I say absolutely yes!

If you are in LA for vacation, it only makes more sense to rent a car. But please bear in mind that car rentals might be different then how you would do it back home. For example, a car hire in Perth might be cheaper (or more expensive!) than in LA. The other options would be taxi a taxi, uber, or the metro. By the time you’d add up the costs for all the taxis or ubers you’d be taking, you could easily be renting a fun mustang convertible! And although our Metro system is growing, it is not as comprehensive as more compact cities like San Francisco or NYC, so you’ll add hours to your day. You’d probably feel a lot safer in your car compared to uber as well, as you are in control You never know what the uber driving is going to be like and risk getting involved in an uber accident, even though it wasn’t your fault. If you do decide to get an uber and this happens, then make sure you involve a law firm like Quirk Reed LLP to help you get any compensation that you might be owned. If anything it’s just better to spend your money on a car that you would love, and make sure that you are sat behind the wheel so that you are in control and don’t risk getting into an accident.

Now when it comes to renting a car in LA, there are many ways to do it. You can pick-up a car from the airport from one of the many agencies located there. OR, you can rent it through your hotel! Yes! This is a GREAT option for those looking for ease in traveling. Since the car rental companies are not located in LAX airport, you will have to take a shuttle to them. Each company has it’s own shuttle. It’s not terribly inconvenient. BUT if you’ve just gotten off a long flight, I’m pretty sure you won’t want to wait around for a shuttle to then get to a car rental company, to then wait around for a car.

I suggest this to all my friends and certainly my guests: When you arrive at LAX, just hop in a taxi, car service, or (now!!) uber/lyft, and just head straight to the hotel. Most hotels in Los Angeles have agreements with local agencies to deliver and pick-up car rentals from their own driveway. So once you’ve checked-in, showered, and maybe even taken a nap, THEN you can focus on your rental car! You might also have to get car insurance, depends on the dealer. If you do, then I’d recommend to car insurance compare a range of policies. Car insurance can be a tricky thing though, there are so many different types of insurance that you can get that people might become easily confused. It’s not just cars though, you can also get things like this 50cc moped insurance, so whenever you get a vehicle that you can drive on the road, it would probably be a good idea to do your research first about what insurance you should get.

Even more, I absolutely suggest arranging this ahead of time. This way you know that at 4 pm on Tuesday, so-and-so car company will deliver your vehicle of choice. If you wait until you arrive, there might be a delay in getting the specific car your want, or simply just in delivering it, especially if it is a busy time of year. In the summer, ALWAYS plan ahead!

Now keep in mind, this is something you can do with any concierge at any of the hotels in Los Angeles. So please, take advantage. After all, this is what we are here for–to make things easier for our guests!

Oh and if you’re on a budget, planning ahead is the way to go. Internet deals might be alluring, but usually you’ll have to pick up the car. So once you add taxi fares, it’s not as much of a deal. But work with your concierge. It is AMAZING what they can make happen.

My favorite car rental companies: M Car, Black & White Car Rental, and Beverly Hills Rent A Car.