If there is anything I can stress to you it is whatever you do, always use your hotel concierge when traveling. They can really take a normal trip and make it exceptional. Now this does involve a little bit on the travelers part. After all, the concierge are in the business of creating memorable experiences. But what might of of interest and memorable to you, might not be the same to someone else. So, help us, help you!

Talk to your concierge.

How? Talk to us! Talk to your concierge. Whether you call the hotel prior to your stay to introduce yourself and give a little insight on the reason for your stay, or if you wait until you get to the hotel, take a moment to talk to the concierge. First of all, you’ll always learn something cool or interesting from them, but secondly, a conversation is a good way for the concierge to get a sense of you.

Why should the concierge know you? A good concierge is in the business of create specific magical moments. And since it is about the little details, that is the information that drives us!

For example, I one time had a lovely guest call me about his future stay. He was looking to surprise his partner with a show at the Magic Castle. For those that do not know, the Magic Castle is a private, members-only club in Los Angeles that offers a series of magic shows combined with dinner. Entrance is by invitation only, and something they simply sell out.

This particular guest was trying to go on Valentine’s Day weekend and few years back. Being a quirky, romantic place, the Magic Castle was just booked solid. So taking the idea that the guest liked magic, I offered to look into bringing a magician to the hotel for a private show in their suite. Well, the guest LOVED that idea!

Next came time for me to vet a series of magicians. Finally selecting one that specialized the type of magic they preferred and within the budget he had approved, I was able to pull it off! Complete with approval to have a bunny and a dove in the room! (We are a “pet friendly” hotel after all – although, granted, I’m more used to questions like whether things such as CBD oil for dogs UK is ok to use to help nervous pooches!)

So, with this, I hope you take it as a fun story to encourage you to get to know your concierge. It is with that knowledge that the concierge will be able to curate an experience for you that you will remember forever.

Help us, help you. Really. We do this because we love to create moments like these.