New research from battleface insurance showed that 45% of travelers were charged with unexpected travel costs-that’s more than 50million in fees for items that they thought they were covered by their insurance.

Nearly 1 in 5 travelers were charged extra for cancellation fees or changing travel dates.

That dreaded lost luggage situation that we all fear? That costs a traveler approximately 215 bucks.

Now think if you are a family of four and any of these things happen-even a name change on a reservation-that can really add up.

So why are so many people being hit with these extra costs?

Simply put, travelers didn’t have the right travel insurance. They thought they were covered only to find out that they weren’t properly insured… or worse yet, they didn’t have any travel insurance. That is why it is important to speak to an insurance broker, which you can see Marine Agency about as well as others like it if needed, so they can help you with picking out the right insurance for your needs and be the intermediary.

Common travel situations can really add up. Looking at canceling fees, changes in dates or times, lost luggage… all of these average about 200 per traveler.

So when you break down these numbers, the cost of travel insurance just makes sense.

What are some of the key things that people should be looking for when taking out insurance?

Be it any kind of insurance like life insurance, funeral insurance, funeral insurance, or travel insurance, remember to do your best research. Some insurance agencies might be practicing fraudulent practices and looting from you. Look out mainly for them. There could be reputable providers that do reviews of each insurance agent (check out this state farm life insurance reviews as an example here). Keep an eye out for such materials and then only make an informed decision. Look for plans that are customizable. There is no need to buy a one-size-fits-all plan. If you don’t need it? Don’t pay for it.

That being said-be honest with yourself and really think about what coverage you do need:

Does your plan cover getting sick abroad?

What about COVID-related issues? Will you be covered if you contract COVID-19 when abroad? Do you need to consider looking into sinus medicine, similar to the ones that have been recommended on https://serp.co/best/sinus-rinses-washes/ just in case you need to relieve your symptoms before being cleared to travel back?

Are your belongings covered?

Does the destination require travel insurance-Costa Rica is a prime example of countries now requiring it for visitors.

Ultimately, you want to thoroughly read the fine print in your travel insurance policy. What may seem like a good deal could turn into a nightmare when you realize that you are not covered for what you think you are covered for. And now that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, you need to ensure that you have the relevant protection and are prepared in the eventuality that you contract coronavirus when on holiday.

So what are my tips for planning this summer?

Know the cancellation policies. Right now, they are in your favor but always read the fine print. And if you can–Never book a non-refundable ticket, hotel, or activity.

Stay updated on travel restrictions and requirements-we are still in the era of COVID, so know what documents and proof you may need to travel.

Have a backup plan in case things change-travel restrictions are still fairly fluid, especially as international travel starts opening up.

Aside from trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage, many travelers are concerned about life insurance coverage. Some travel insurance policies may already include life insurance benefits, depending on the policy. They may also be available as an add-on to a travel insurance policy.

However, if your travel insurer does not provide these benefits, you may want to purchase a separate life insurance policy by contacting consultants who can provide you with Life Cover Quotes that may be best suited for you. It may offer coverage for unintentional death or dismemberment. So, getting travel and life insurance together could be a good idea to ensure that your family’s future is secure in the event that something goes wrong.

Hence, don’t skip on getting travel and life insurance. Buy it when you book your trip so you don’t forget it and so it covers you BEFORE you leave.

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