How Travel Will Change Post-Pandemic

With Stay At Home orders in place around the world in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the travel industry has come to a practical standstill. But as with all tragedies, we will ultimately crawl out of our proverbial shell and explore the world again. It just will take time, and might I add, should be done with discretion and in adherence to local and global guidelines.

Travel will change, it’s inevitable. But change is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, quite often change happens for the better. Here are a 7 ways travel will change after the pandemic.

More Roadtrips and Outdoor Adventures

There will be more of a focus on roadtrips and outdoor adventures. People will still be very mindful of space and others, but will be itching to get out of town. Domestic travel, especially road trips will be a popular option. Since finances will also play a huge role in influencing travel decisions, road trips, weekend getaways, and national parks will be more attractive than ever. Exploring local destinations will be a great way to boost the local economy.

Air Travel Will Restart Slowly, Domestically First

Air travel will restart slowly, domestically, and with social distancing. But expect to see great deals followed by higher prices, less flight options, masks for both passengers and crew, and new ways of proving “good health” before boarding. All in all, there will be a huge push for more attention on cleaning standards on flights-which is great for everyone. I think we will also see an uptick in private jet travel-not just for leisure travelers, but even for corporate travelers. You might want to take a look at this 2020 Bombardier Global 7500 cabin layout if you’re thinking of buying a private jet – there are lots of options out there and it’s a big investment, so it pays to choose a jet that suits your needs. That said, you might, however, need a private jet on rare occasions, such as vacations. So, rather than buying one, you can look into booking private jet vacations whenever you travel. That can be a cost-effective alternative.

The Comeback of the Travel Agent

Travel Agents will make a comeback. You might also come across a few agents offering services through virtual platforms like virtual agent ServiceNow and similar ones. It could save you both time and help the plans to move along more quickly. More travelers will be less inclined to use OTAs due to the number of problems they faced as the pandemic altered their travel plans. No longer will travel agents be a source primarily for business and luxury travelers, but for the everyday traveler too. We can expect travelers to look towards getting more personalized help when booking their trips-for peace of mind.

Cruises Will Be Shorter

Expect shorter cruises to be the preference, to stay closer to home and to remain a great value. No doubt the cruise industry has had some unfortunate issues with the pandemic, but the cruise industry has a LOYAL customer base, many of which have already rebooked for 2021. Some cruises are even offering 25% increase in value if travlers rebook versus getting a refund. Cruise lines were already VERY conscious of hygienic standards, but this will make those practices even more rigorous. Many cruise lines will have expanded medical facilities and capabilities online-definitely a good thing.

Hotels Will Focus on Local Markets First

Hotels will focus on the local community first, likely offering discounts to those looking for a staycation, and some might even open up for partial day use. We will see changes in the communal space, cleaning standards, and increased contactless check-in and check-out. Both hotels and guests will embrace utilization technology more throughout their stay. This will be an exciting time for hotels to step up to the plate when it comes to bridging the gap between technology and providing personalized service.

Less Waiting in Lines

Less waiting in lines, hopefully, everywhere. Learning from big theme parks like DisneyWorld, who started implementing virtual queuing on some of its recently opened rides, this could very well be a trend here to stay and hopefully implemented in attractions around the world. Through the use of apps, visitors are notified when to come back to a ride to stand in line-minimizing long waits in tight spaces with crowds. I don’t know about you, but reducing the amount of time we have to wait in lines is something I think all of us can get behind.

Travelers Will Be More Conscious

The biggest change we will see in travel is the outlook of travelers and an increase in conscious travel decisions. When it comes to luxury travel, travelers are bound to focus on health, making nature resorts and eco-tourism strive more. Witnessing the environmental changes of less travel first-hand, travelers will look for ways to support eco-friendly options and sustainable tourism. Travelers will ultimately be kinder on the earth, more respectful of destinations, and also hopefully kinder towards others.

Ultimately, we will travel again. The experiences might look and feel different, but they will still be transformative and eye-opening, and the destinations will be even better.