Three hundred sixty-five days have passed since Americans were told to cancel their travel plans.

Most of us have stayed holed up at home with nothing but Netflix’s Love is Blind and TikTok to keep us occupied. Some might even have achieved TikTok fame by producing quality content to keep with the trends or perhaps beat boredom, requiring them to now utilize a TikTok bot to interact with their increasing number of followers.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With the vaccine rollout going strong, many international destinations have lifted their travel ban on U.S. citizens – just in time for the summer holidays.

The best part? Most of the world’s most popular getaways like Paris or Iceland are going to have far fewer travelers than ever before. So if you’ve been itching to explore and want to experience these places without hordes of other people, now is the time to travel.

Here are the best internaitonal summmer destinations for U.S. travelers!

Top International Summer Destinations for 2021

Whether you want the ultimate beach vacay or want to get lost in the African bush, here are the best international summer destinations for U.S. travelers!


Margaritaville Island Reserve in Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is the perfect close-to-home international vacation for Americans.

So it’s not surprising that Cancun is Skyscanner’s 2nd most searched destination for 2021.

Popular destinations like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are only a short flight away, giving you a dose of travel without having to fly halfway around the world.

Plus, Mexico is home to some incredible beach resorts which scream summer vacay goals. Stay at Azul Beach Resort and wake up to the Caribbean beach mere footsteps away.

But why limit your Mexico summer plans to a week? Many of the resorts in Playa Del Carmen are now offering workcation packages, helping you stay in paradise for longer without missing your deadlines.

In Mexico, you can also go on cruises and boat tours such as the Water Skiing Tour to Valle de Bravo. While visiting the location with your family and friends, boat tours may help to strengthen your bonding experiences with them. The memories you can create on a boat trip are priceless. Consider watching a sunset on the water with your best friends, going bluegill fishing with your kids, or admiring the wildlife. Boat trips allow you to disconnect. And if you enjoy going on such excursions, you can look into new boats for sale on websites like valleymarine.net. Furthermore, a boat can be a great investment, perhaps not in the tangible way that real estate or mutual funds can, but certainly in a non-material way. Boating may introduce people to a variety of water sports that are both exciting and fun. The thrill and excitement of water sports can even cause you to lose track of the fact that you are exercising.

Entry requirements: U.S. travelers do not need a negative PCR test or a quarantine period. However, you’ll need one to return to the U.S.



While there is a strong domestic travel trend in 2021, international trips are starting to pick up.

Especially with more destinations welcoming back American travelers.

Egypt is a bucket list trip for many, and as the 10th most booked Memorial Day departure, it’s clear Americans are keen to get back into ticking off those once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Besides seeing the ancient pyramids and sailing down the Nile River, the Grand Egyptian Museum (aka the largest archaeological museum in the world) is opening in 2021. The $1 billion project is 96% complete, and officials expect to welcome their first visitors towards the end of the year.

Entry requirements: U.S. travelers only need a negative PCR test to enter Egypt.

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Good news, everyone! One of my favorite destinations, Portugal, is opening its borders to U.S. travelers for the summer.

The EU just announced that all member states can start the process of opening up to vaccinated Americans, which means we will be able to travel to Portugal by mid-June. You can book a trip to Algarve and eat your way through Lisbon once again. [i keep finding conflicting info]

Not sure where to stay? I highly recommend checking into Hotel Alegria in Lisbon. The hotel is a renovated building from 1865 and lets you step back into time and experience what a Portugal residence was like in the 19th-century.

For something off the beaten track, make your way to Melides in Portugal. Located on the Alentejo coast, it’s home to boutique hotels, trendy art galleries, deserted beaches, and miles of vineyards.

In short, everything you need for the ultimate summer vacation.

Entry requirements: A negative PCR test taken 72 hours before boarding, and there is no mandatory quarantine on arrival. Stay tuned as proof of vaccination will also be required.


paris france

France is always a good idea.

With its romance in the air, grand palaces, and rolling countrysides, there’s no better place to spend summer in Europe. For some though, the country and its appeal has an impact like no other, often making them want to move to the magical land of love and freshly baked croissants! Understandably, they would have to make up their mind about a lot more things and not turn it into an impulsive decision. Job prospects, income tax (a france income tax calculator could help out in this case), cost of living, etc., all go hand in hand if they do make a decision about this!

Nonetheless, that might be a farfetched idea, and for now, U.S. travelers will once again be able to eat freshly baked croissants and sip on cafe au lait from picture-perfect cafes in Paris from June 9th.

It’s probably one of the last times you’ll get to experience France’s top landmarks without the hordes of travelers from around the world.

Entry requirements: A negative PCR test taken 72 hours before boarding or proof of vaccination is required to enter France.



Greece is the creme-de-la-creme of summer in Europe.

Picture isolated beaches. Island hopping. Crystal clear blue waters. Delicious local cuisine. Hot summer days and an abundance of luxurious boutique hotels.

From May 15th, you can hop on a plane and wander around the cobblestoned streets of Santorini and Crete, past the Acropolis in Athens and eat your weight in Bougatsa.

Entry requirements: All travellers must provide proof of full vaccination 14 days prior to travel or a negative PCR test no older than 72-hours.



Why should you visit Turkey this summer?

The Turquoise coastline. It stretches from the Aegean to the Mediterranean and is the place to soak up some rays while sipping on cocktails.

If you’re an early bird, wake up for sunrise and watch the morning light illuminate the Gulf of Hisarönü and its ancient ruins.

Charter a wooden gulet and sail from Bodrum to Kaş and stay in a colourful bougainvillaea. Downtown Kaş is full of markets and artisanal shops (maybe bring an empty suitcase just in case).

Entry Requirements: U.S. citizens need a negative PCR test taken no less than 72-hours before departure.



Tanzania is an incredible destination to visit in the summer, especially in 2021.

It’s probably the only year you snag discounts and experience the Great Migration without crowds of other travellers. Fondly called the “Greatest Show on Earth”, it’s the ultimate safari experience where millions of animals migrate between Kenya and Tanzania.

Besides exploring the Serengeti, you can climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (again without the crowds) and hop on over to nearby Zanzibar for white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Entry requirements: All travelers are required to present a negative PCR test certificate upon arrival.



Iceland was one of the first European countries to open its borders to U.S. travelers.

As one of the most popular destinations in the world pre-pandemic, 2021 is the perfect time to visit the country before everyone returns.

Plus, summer is the best season for a trip around the country. While the weather is warm, it’s not a beach vacation destination. Iceland is more for travelers who seek out adventure.

Get a camper rental and camp around the country next to hidden waterfalls and hot springs. Visit the Icelandic glaciers, relax at the famous Blue Lagoon and end your trip with a whale watching trip.

Entry requirements: You need a vaccination certificate or a certification of previous COVID infection. If you have neither, you’ll need a negative PCR test.



You can’t go wrong with a trip to Croatia.

Whether you pick the vibrant port city of Split, live out your best Gane of Thrones fantasy in Dubrovnik, or spend your summer vacation island hopping, it’s always a vibe.

When you throw in the fact that one of Europe’s top destinations is welcoming U.S. travelers, it’s hard to resist buying a flight.

If the Adriatic Sea holds no sway over you, venture inland. You can spend your vacation hiking through the national parks, and the adventurous can explore the Blue Cave Of Biševo.

Entry requirements: A negative PCR test not older than 48-hours.

Choosing The Best International Summer Destination for You

Are you struggling to decide between so many bucket list destinations?

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed about planning an entire trip after a year of doing nothing?

I’ve got you covered.

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