With The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening on April 7th, Universal is going to be busier than usual. So keep in mind a few of these tips to make your visit a smooth one:

Try to visit the park mid-week, for lighter crowds. Also be mindful of holidays and spring break weeks.

The park has two levels. I suggest heading to the back of the park and starting on the lower level. There will generally be less crowds at the beginning of the day. So, do all the rides and attractions on the lower level, and then make your way back up towards the front of the park. This minimizes back and forth and minimizes wait times.

The VIP Experience is awesome for those who love to learn all about the ins-and-outs of the movie industry. It’s truly an experience, includes a catered lunch, and a guide that takes you through several parts of the studios not available to general public.

If you’d rather explore the park at your leisure, but want to reduce wait times, definitely go with the Front of the Line pass. You’ll have significantly reduced wait times. By far, this is my favorite way to explore the park.

NOTE: Universal Studios Hollywood has slightly changed their ticketing system, and you now have to purchase tickets specifically for the day you would like to go. Keep this in mind when planning your visit.

More info to come when the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens on April 7th!