The holidays are nearly here! A time of festivities and family and time off, it’s really is a season of celebration. Unfortunately, when we think of travelling around the holidays, we don’t often share the same sentiments. As much as we all love the holidays, they can be rather taxing. Big personalities and family dynamics are heightened. Then adding travel, which is notoriously busy, expensive, and stressful, just adds to the mix-making the season more exhausting. Many tend to alleviate their stress by using CBD products like CBD oil, gummies, or even pre-rolls! While it is understandable that the holiday season can be taxing, you could definitely look at e-stores such as Blessed CBD if you want to relieve your anxieties and tension using CBD-based products.

From planning to mindset to using technology to your advantage, the following are my top Holiday Travel tips that will hopefully make your travelling experience this holiday season a more enjoyable one.


Avoid Peak Travel Days.

We all know this, but it really makes a difference. Avoid the crowds and save on money by travelling when others don’t or won’t travel. Even better if you can travel on the actual holiday! And if you want to guarantee a smooth day of travel, look into hiring a greeter to help escort you through airports with ease.

Try to fly direct.

In general, I always support travelling direct. It reduces the likelihood of lost baggage, but also any sort of delays will have less of a domino effect on the rest of your travel plans. Of course, sometimes flying direct is simply not possible. In that case, plan accordingly and leave a little extra time for connections and other plans. After all, that pretty snow we all look forward to around the holidays can also wreak havoc on your vacation.

Pack Light and Travel Easy

The less you travel with, the easier it is to travel! It’s just less you have to worry about. Also, you may enjoy renting a motorcycle to visit places, so it is better to have a bare minimum of luggage with you. Besides, having just the essential luggage can cut down the risk of losing them.

Plan Ahead For Group Activities

If you have the type of family that likes to dine out or do group activities together, plan ahead. When you’re trying to make a reservation or a plan for 8 or 12 people, it gets a little tricky. Especially around the holidays when other families have the same great ideas. So plan ahead so you don’t miss out!


Be Thankful.

Gratitude is the best attitude. Stop and look around. See all those people working to help get you to your final destination? They are working, and honestly they’d probably rather be with their families than with cranky travelers. So be nice, be grateful, and put it into perspective. Sure it might be stressful, but be thankful that you are getting a chance to see family or get away over the holidays.

Put Things Into Perspective.

Sure, Aunt Susan might be a little demanding. And then there’s Grandma Edna who gives the wettest kisses. Uncle Bob is always in a bad mood. Stop and think about how often (or not so often) you get to see everyone. Put in perspective that there is only a finite number of visits you many have. Yes, they might be difficult, but take the high road and try to find the moments to enjoy. It may be tough, but it will be worth it.


There will be a lot of distractions but try to unplug as best you can. For many this is the only time off they have during this part of the year, so try to find some moments for rest amidst the chaos. When stores and restaurants are closed, try to get outdoors and do something simple and easy. Camping could be a nice way to be in touch with nature while being disconnected from technology. You may get the necessary equipment from a store like rei reno and go on a relaxing weekend getaway. Always remember to focus on being present. Turn off your phone and/or notifications and don’t check emails so you get the full benefit of your time off.


Allianz TravelSmart App

Allianz Travel Insurance offers more than great insurance, they also have the TravelSmart App. With a multitude of useful tools, literally at your fingertips, some of my favorite features for holiday travel include 24-hour travel insurance assistance, real-time flight updates and boarding gate information, and local emergency numbers. Of course, medical translations, local doctors and hospitals, police stations, and embassies are all listed within the app. Of course, the hope is you never need to use it, but should you find yourself in a travel emergency, it has all the helpful numbers you may need easily accessible!


I’ve been a fan of this app ever since I discovered it. Basically, plug in the dates you are looking for and the destination and it will tell you the best time to buy your tickets. The price predictor feature shares if and when the price of a flight might increase and by approximately how much.

Because it has a great calendar, you can even see how varying your dates will change the cost of your tickets. The Watch This Trip feature that sends alerts indicating price changes, filterable by number of stops. As they say, the more you know… and Hopper keeps travelers informed.

Trading Apps

Keeping tabs on your financial situation is a good idea while you’re away, especially if you have a number of investments you’re tracking. You don’t want to come back to find out that your investments have lost their value or you missed a spike that would have been particularly lucrative for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms out there for you to take your pick of, including eToro, Ayondo Erfahrungen, and others, which are even good choices for those with an interest in the cryptocurrency scene. There’s plenty of information online to help you pick one that will be ideal for you while on your travels.

Priority Pass

This app makes long-haul travels that much more comfortable. Become part of the Priority Pass Program directly or through certain credit card (I joined as a perk of my Chase Sapphire Reserve Card), and then use the app to get access to over 1,300 lounges in airports around the world. Using the app, it can filter the lounge options for you by airport. This is a great way to kick off a trip, or if you have a layover, you can enjoy snacks, drinks, and in some cases, even freshen up with a shower (this was a game-changer on my trip home from SE Asia).

Those are a few of my favorite Holiday Travel Tips. Do you have a favorite holiday travel tip, hack, or tool I didn’t mention? Let me know!

This post is sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance as part of their #ITravelBecause campaign. I also use them as my travel insurance provider. Check them out prior to your next trip to ensure that you #TravelHappy.