7 Easy Ways to Make The Most of Your Hotel Stay

how to make the most of your hotel stay

Picture this: You’ve just checked into a fancy hotel for the weekend, but you’re treating it as nothing more than a place to sleep.  That’s where I come in.  As a former hotel concierge, I’ve seen countless travelers miss out on the many perks and experiences that come with a hotel stay.  From free tickets to […]

5 Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are a Great Way to Travel in 2021

Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are A Great Way To In 2021

When I say “all-inclusive resorts” do you: A: Roll your eyes B: Scoff at the idea C: Boldly declare that you will NEVER go to one D: All of the above If you’re feeling jaded or on the fence about signing up for one, you’re in the right place. While all-inclusive holidays can be touristy […]

The Pueblo Bonito Pacifica: Why Cabo is an Ideal Destination Right Now

Los Cabos is a Great Destination to Travel to Now For those who are looking to escape to someplace outside of the United States (understandably so), Mexico is a great option. In particular, Los Cabos. Travel for Americans is limited. Some question if travel makes sense right now. My answer: YES. If you are a […]

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel Room

We all love how luxurious, spacious, and comfortable we feel when we are in a hotel room. And even though we might not be traveling right now, we can bring that same hotel feel to our own homes-especially our bedrooms. Here are a few design ideas used in hotel rooms that you can easily replicate […]

What is the Hotel Experience NOW and in the FUTURE

In order to look ahead in the hotel industry, we have to look at what is happening now. Although many hotels have temporarily closed their doors during the pandemic, there are still many that remain open. In seeing what open hotels are doing now, maybe it can give us an idea of what hotels might […]

The Hollywood Hotel: Where Modern Meets Vintage Hollywood Glamour

A few weeks ago I stayed at the Hollywood Hotel – The Hotel of Hollywood .. This hotel is a total gem located in the heart of Hollywood. Honestly, I can’t believe it took me so long to get it on my radar… it’s really a special place! If you’re traveling to LA and are looking for […]