What is the Hotel Experience NOW and in the FUTURE

In order to look ahead in the hotel industry, we have to look at what is happening now. Although many hotels have temporarily closed their doors during the pandemic, there are still many that remain open. In seeing what open hotels are doing now, maybe it can give us an idea of what hotels might […]

Why You Shouldn’t Count Quarantine Days

Straight up, I don’t believe in counting quarantine days. There are a few reasons, but mainly, I think it’s unhealthy. Why? Quarantining is Not An Achievement Normally when we count days, we are counting towards an achievement. For example, how many days in a row of yoga, or not consuming sugar or coffee. These are […]

Coronavirus Halts Travel: What Do We Do

This past week I got to speak on GoodDay LA about how the travel industry has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few of the topics and tips I touched on. Do Not Panic Stay informed and be smart. Listen to the suggested precautions: wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, reduce […]