Los Cabos is a Great Destination to Travel to Now

For those who are looking to escape to someplace outside of the United States (understandably so), Mexico is a great option. In particular, Los Cabos. Travel for Americans is limited. Some question if travel makes sense right now. My answer: YES. If you are a safe and responsible traveler, then yes, you can travel right now.

Let me explain in more detail.

The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

We got a chance to experience The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. This adults-only, all-inclusive resort is top-notch. I’ve had many friends stay there over the years and always heard great reviews, but I was really curious about their “Care Pledge,” which they have rolled out since reopening in the middle of June.

The “Pueblo Bonito Care Pledge”

The Pueblo Bonito Care Pledge is their commitment to offering heighten standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing. So what does that mean?

From the moment you arrive, you are requested to wear a mask in the public areas of the resort. Masks can be provided. They sanitize your suitcase, while you, as the guest get to go through a sanitization station. From sanitizing your shoes, hands, testing your temperature, and ultimately going through a sanitizing cabin. This sets the tone immediately.

Reminders are placed throughout the resort, from hand sanitizing stations to signage on the mask policy. All employees wear masks, and some even face shields.  Of course, you may remove your mask to eat, drink, and while enjoying the pool area!

Loungers at the pool are placed with appropriate distance from each other. The gym and spa area regularly sanitized, and they monitor for a reduced capacity. The buffet was still offered, and attendants assisted in serving the food.

Extra cleaning products are offered in-room, and additional items (like magazines and pens) were removed.

All in all, their new standards and protocols are well thought out, reassuring, yet—most importantly—not overdone to ruin the guest experience. In fact, I think they enhance the guest experience because it is reassuring!

Massages at the Spa

We had treatments in the spa area. Now granted, I was overdue for a massage, but it was truly a lovely experience. Like melt on the massage table sort of experience. And a perfect way to start off the trip! The massages were incredible! Their therapists were extremely skilled. They wore masks and face shields, and sanitized your hands, arms, and feet before beginning the treatment.

Because they limited their bookings, it was practically like we had the spa to ourselves. It was amazing!

Towers Private Pool Suite

We had the chance to stay at the Towers Private Pool Suite. The suite was spacious and luxurious! It is a ground-level suite… with your own private pool overlooking the main area. Everything about the room was perfect.

The living area was spacious, the bed was extremely comfortable, and the shower was… delightful.

Of course, the pool took it to the next level.

Dining at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

Every restaurant was incredible! From Peninsula, with it’s modern Baja Cuisine to Siempre, the perfect Sunday brunch—every meal was special and unique. We also dined at Quivira Steakhouse and LaFrida Restaurant. With so many options, there was never a need to leave the resort. Each offered such a special dining experience!

The Sunset Teepee Experience

OK, so the Sunset Teepee Experience was probably one of the highlights of the entire trip. Imagine a private dinner for two, four courses cooked by a private chef, a photographer, DJ, and crafted cocktails? Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it was! Great for couples, girlfriends, and for those celebrating a special occasion. If you’re traveling to the Pacifica Towers for a Honeymoon or Anniversary—it is a must! Dare I say, even if you wanted to propose, it’d be a pretty awesome way to pop the question too.

Ok ok, not that I’m giving you guys so many hints on how to be romantic. But seriously, this dinner was spectacular. It’s $280 per person, and definitely should be booked in advance. Do. It. **Note the price is at the time of this posting. Check with the team at the resort fo the most up-to-date information.


Yes, Leopoldo gets his own section. Who is Leopoldo, you might be wondering? Leopoldo was the Butler assigned to us for our stay. He MADE the experience. Don’t get me wrong. Everything about our stay was lovely, from the room to the food to the property itself. But truly, at the end of the day, service is what makes a trip truly memorable. Leopoldo reached out to us ahead of time via email to introduce himself and he was there to escort us to dinner, escort us back to our room. He was available via text to answer any questions we had, print documents for us, and even bring us our favorite drinks.

We even lost our room keys at the pool. I stood up to look for him. Within seconds we made eye contact and he made a beeline over to me to ask how he could help. Within minutes he met us at our suite with new keys made.

Of course, you might not need him so hands-on. He knew when to be visible and helpful and when to let us enjoy our time.

No other way to put it than saying Leopoldo is the man! He would be one of my top reasons to come back!

Same Great Service

One of the things I loved is how every employee took the time to introduce themselves, with a sense of ownership and pride. As a hospitality professional, I LOVED this. Kudos to the team, because that genuine prides starts from the top and shows that the staff truly loves where they work. And if a staff loves where they work, guests love coming there. It feels like home.

As you can see, Pueblo Bonito truly has gone out of their way to do their part to make sure that guests feel comfortable—without compromising the service they are known for!  But remember, guests have to do their part too. So, when traveling right now, it is imperative that guests comply with the requests of the resort to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone as a whole!

That being said, I really can’t wait to plan a trip back… maybe the next trip will be a romantic getaway! 😉