Truly a travel expert, with over 15 years of hospitality experience, my clients and broad community of followers trust that anything I recommend is “concierge approved.”


Ask A Concierge, like a real concierge desk, is always looking for the new, best, and coolest places and experiences to recommend our viewers. There are many ways in which we can work together, from partnerships and press trips to ads and sponsored videos.


Video is one of our favorite ways of collaborating with brands. My team and I have produced over 200 videos!


With Ask A Concierge, your company or destination will be exposed to a targeted demographic of travelers, fans, and other hospitality professionals.


The following are suggested ways of working together:

  • Sponsored video content that highlight the best of your company, brand, or travel destination
  • Press & social media trips that correspond with the style and theme of Ask A Concierge
  • Contests, giveaways, and featured articles about select products and services
  • Speaker at conferences and events discussing travel trends, hospitality tech, the future of hotels, on-camera technique, the use of video in social media, and more…
  • Hospitality consulting and training
  • Personal concierge hire for select clientele


Feel free to email us at for opportunities, rates, a media kit… or to simply introduce your company!