I got to interview and spend a day on a “Juice Crawl” with Joe Cross. He shared some a bit of his journey to a healthier lifestyle, some healthy tips, and we got to hit up a few of our favorite juice bars! Many people find that this is just the start to a large shift in their lifestyles, and it is an accessible and easy way to change into a healthier way of life. After all, what may start as a juice obsession could turn into finding out about other health options, from the blue satellite strain of medical marijuana that is sweeping the nation as more and more states legalize it, to making more time to get down to the gym and work out to keep those pounds down. Additionally, it’s always good to get some advice from the professionals if you are serious about losing weight. You may find reading what dr amy lee has to say about weight loss to be useful, or you may already have picked a plan that you’re going to stick to. Whatever your lifestyle, a sweet, refreshing juice as part of a healthy diet is surely a wonderful thing, right? In any case, this video is more focused on the one pine: The juice itself. We learn all about the benefits of juice while tasting the best. It was a pretty perfect day if you ask me!

Watch as we also visit three of LA’s most popular juice bars:

Beverly Hills Juice, Netker Juice Bar, and Kreation Juice.

What’s your favorite Juice Bar in LA? Do you have any good stories around them? Perhaps you’ve managed to make a massive change in your life thanks to starting off at one bar, or perhaps a bar is your reward after a job well done. Either way, leave a comment below – we’d love to see what you have to say!