10 Essential Air Travel Tips That’ll Change Your Life

best air travel tips

Air travel is stressful. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it. There’s nothing like that feeling of packing your bags and arriving at the airport knowing you’re about to embark on a new adventure. But…Wow, can it test your cortisol levels. Between flight cancellations to the airline losing your bag and sitting in a […]

What To Do If Your Flight Gets Canceled


It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare. You’re at the airport, buzzing with excitement. Your suitcase weighs exactly 69.9 lbs, and your passport is shivering with anticipation for its newest stamp. You walk up to the flight information board, find your flight number your heart drops. The word CANCELED glares back at you. It’s enough to send […]

8 Things NOT to Do in a Hotel


There is nothing like checking into a hotel room. It’s like home, but 10x better. There’s room service (yay to no cooking and dishes!), a big comfy bed, and dozens of amenities that make the stay extra special. …But just because it feels like home doesn’t mean you should treat the hotel like your humble […]

6 Travel Trends for 2021 That You Need to Know

6 travel trends for 2021

2020 threw the travel industry (and the world) a major curveball. Flights were cancelled left, right, and centre. Travellers scrambled to get back home before borders closed. And our travel plans? Those quickly got rescheduled and then put on hold indefinitely. Luckily, there’s hope at the end of the pandemic tunnel. In 2021, vaccines are […]

The Ultimate Workcation Guide: How to Work & Travel at The Same Time


“Out of Office” has a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of putting in leave to travel to tropical destinations. With the rise of workcations, you can log on remotely from beach resorts in Cancun, luxury hotels in Greece, and more. As professionals worldwide are adapting to the fact that their kitchen table is […]

How to Be a Better Traveler During Uncertain Times

Every day is a good day to be a better a traveler. What do I mean by that? Well, just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that you have given up your social responsibility to be a good human being. In fact, BECAUSE you ARE traveling, you should make it a priority to be […]

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel Room

We all love how luxurious, spacious, and comfortable we feel when we are in a hotel room. And even though we might not be traveling right now, we can bring that same hotel feel to our own homes-especially our bedrooms. Here are a few design ideas used in hotel rooms that you can easily replicate […]

Coronavirus Halts Travel: What Do We Do

This past week I got to speak on GoodDay LA about how the travel industry has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few of the topics and tips I touched on. Do Not Panic Stay informed and be smart. Listen to the suggested precautions: wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, reduce […]

Travel Tip: Buy Travel Insurance When the Trip is Booked

I see it all the time. Guests deal with baggage delays, medical issues, or other emergencies while they are on a trip. Not only does it cost them time, but most often it is the financial cost that really ends up really being deceptively and unexpectedly high. Of course, one hopes that there are never […]