I had a chance to stay at The Hyatt Regency LAX a few weeks ago. I was impressed!

In all honesty, I didn’t have high expectations for a hotel so close to LAX. But I was blown away! Their gym has prime views of the runway and their lobby bar, restaurant and marketplace, Unity LAX, is so incredibly delicious! Everything about The Hyatt Regency LAX is really cool!

Now I tooootally get what they mean when they say they’re “Unquestionably Unairport!” It’s way more than just a place to stay on a long layover or to rest your head for an early flight, I’d go back for a staycation.

There’s something about hotels that just comforts me. Maybe it’s from working in hotels for so many years, that when I finally get a chance to stay in one, I really enjoy it.

Watch our video above for our property and room tour along with our restaurant tasting. Still so blown away from my experience!

The next time you need a layover hotel while at LAX, hands down this is the hotel to stay at. Of course, if you live far enough away and want to avoid rushing to LAX last minute, this is also a great place to stay before a trip. Kick your next vacation off right with a stay here.

Or just come for a staycation! With the planes constantly flying by (which you can’t hear of course), you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away on a few trips!