Ever since March 2020, the state of travel has changed. People are wary about exploring too far from home and dealing with mandatory quarantine periods, last-minute restrictions, and canceled flights.

The result? People are TIRED.

It almost feels like a full-time second job trying to plan an itinerary, look at travel arrangements (sites like StressFreeCarRental.com might be able to help), organize their family, juggle entry requirements, and worry about health concerns. There is literally no end to planning when you have a trip to go to!

Exhausting, right?

That’s not what a vacation is meant to feel like. They are supposed to see eye-catching deals like “Orlando hotels at Westgate Resorts with rates from $99/night.” and feel excited about the prospect of going.

Enter all-inclusive hotels and packages.

It’s one less thing for travelers to worry about, and business is booming.

But it’s not limited to resorts and hotels.

There’s an uptick in all-inclusive activities as well.

Soneva Jani in the Maldives offers a $500 a day all-inclusive spa package. You can spend the entire day getting pampered with as many facials, foot rubs, and hot stone massages as your heart desires.

The Advantages of All-Inclusive Vacations

Azul Beach Resort Punta Cana

Zero Decision Fatigue

Love planning every detail of your trips?

You’re not alone.

I get a kick out of finding the best hotels, hidden gems, and figuring out how to go from A to B.

…But that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to letting someone else handle all the logistics every now and then.

That’s what all-inclusive vacations do best.

You don’t have to make a single decision other than: “Do I want to go wine tasting or stay on the beach with my book?”

It’s a complete luxury not to have to plan a thing and switch off that Type A brain for a few days.

It Saves You Money


A truly all-inclusive vacation takes you far, far away from the everyday mundane things like budgeting and over-spending concerns.

Once you’ve paid for your trip, you don’t need to reach for your credit card ever again. Every drink, meal, and activity is included giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to really drop in and enjoy your vacation.

With no money worries, it’s easy to see why the all-inclusive model is booming, and hotel brands like Marriott are sitting up and taking notice.

It Feels Safer


It’s been two years of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and new COVID strains causing havoc around the world.

While travelers are itching to get out and explore the world again, most are erring on the side of caution.

The result?

Safety and health concerns are on the rise. Travelers want to know they are mitigating risk as much as possible and are staying somewhere that takes sanitary precautions seriously.

All-inclusive resorts meet these safety issues head-on. Once you’re inside the hotel, you don’t have to leave it.

All the activities, dining options, and amenities are within reach, and you have peace of mind the resort is keeping communal spaces clean.

On-Site COVID Testing

covid testing

Another advantage of all-inclusive resorts is the on-site COVID testing.

In a world where you have to show a negative PCR or rapid test to go back home, resorts offering testing are getting rid of another hurdle for their guests.

You’re saving them the hassle of doing another Google search and figuring out where to go, the costs, and how to book.

So it’s not surprising this new service is alluring to travelers (especially those with families).

It’s an Alternative to Cruises

cruise ship

While the cruising world is still trying to find its feet in a post-pandemic world, all-inclusive vacations are stepping in to fill the void.

Most cruise-goers are repeat customers because of the all-inclusive nature of the holiday. You pay once, and you don’t need to open your wallet until you get home.

Resorts hopping onto the all-inclusive trend have another advantage over cruises – the lack of crowds. And when you throw in vaccination requirements and PCR testing, the resorts offer an unbeatable way to travel with the least amount of headaches.

All-Inclusive Vacations Final Thoughts

How we explore the world in the next 1,5 and even 10 years will look incredibly different. With COVID here to stay, its impact on the tourism industry will leave marks.

New trends like all-inclusive vacations are some of the ways traveling styles will adapt. Especially for families and busy professionals who don’t want to deal with the admin of keeping up with entry requirements, PCR testing mandates, and countries closing their borders on a whim.

Have you gone on an all-inclusive vacation before, or do you have plans to try it out over the next year? Let’s discuss in the comments below!