Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Ahhhh! This was SO FUN!

For years I’ve driven past the Cabazon Dinosaurs, but a few weeks ago I finally got to EXPERIENCE the Cabazon Dinosaurs! It was soooooo awesome! It’s been called “The Ultimate Roadside Attraction,” and I have to say it’s pretty accurate.

For those that don’t know, it’s just outside of Palm Springs, and you can see the two big Dinosaurs from the 10 Highway. Mr Rex and Diny are huuuuge! And then, there’s MORE! A whole freaking museum and dinosaur experience. Plus you get to go up inside of Mr Rex!

Ok ok, clearly I had an incredible time, so watch the video and check it out. And seriously, the next time you’re driving to it from Palm Springs, take a break from the drive and check out the Cabazon Dinosaurs.

It’s such a fun and… unique experience!





Video by Nino D. Gordeli

Lashes by Maud’s of Beverly Hills – https://www.maudsofbeverlyhills.com

Special thanks to Cabazon Dinosaurs: https://www.cabazondinosaurs.com/



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