Straight up, I don’t believe in counting quarantine days.

There are a few reasons, but mainly, I think it’s unhealthy. Why?

Quarantining is Not An Achievement

Normally when we count days, we are counting towards an achievement. For example, how many days in a row of yoga, or not consuming sugar or coffee. These are generally things we are willingly challenging ourself to. Quarantine or staying at home isn’t a challenge, it’s a mandate. It’s not a competition.

There Isn’t a Set End Date

We don’t know when it’s going to end. Normally when you count, you’re keeping track towards an end goal. There’s no goal here. And there’s no definite end… sadly. A prime example being the recent extension of federal social distancing guidelines until April 30th. It is important at this time that you distract yourself in whichever way you can, some people take up hobbies whilst others will try and do something to their home – improvements, small re-designs, even look at putting in one of those studio sheds so they can make their own art area or gym to keep them occupied during this time.

Mental Health Dilemma

As a result of the pandemic and the quarantine, many people are trapped in their homes without being able to speak with their friends and family, and this can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. The people in such a situation might seek entertainment resources by streaming web series or movies, perhaps taking up blogging, or playing online games. Moreover, stimulation games could be now played on mobile, where players can interact with each other and strategize. That can help people in quarantine since they can forget about their issues for a while and enjoy the thrill of gaming. Additionally, games that pay real money could help them earn passive income, which could be really beneficial for them if they have lost a job or struggling financially due to the pandemic. The quarantine can also be a great time for people to take up new hobbies like knitting, cooking, painting, or doing a DIY project to keep themselves distracted and manage stress.

Quarantine Isn’t Easy

Being in quarantine is not always easy. Being separated from friends and family and possibly living in isolation could be very taxing emotionally on an individual. Whereas there might be some supplements available similar to CBD gummies UK or other supplements that possibly might be beneficial in reducing stress, there is little that can truly replace the comfort felt from being around those who calm you down. Therefore, it is important to do what you can in order to make sure that you are looking after your wellbeing, whether that’s taking a bath, doing a home workout, if you’re missing the gym, or looking into the previously mentioned CBD from somewhere like this cbd gummy manufacturer to help support your mental wellbeing.

Quarantine Timelines Vary

Everyone started on different dates depending on where you are, what you do for work, etc. It’s not even like we are all began at the same starting point. And then where does it leave you? Sally quarantined for 46 days and Bob only stayed home for 32? The point is, we are all in this together, so counting days is irrelevant.

Things you should keep track of During Quarantine

Now, I get it. We are stuck at home, struggling to get a routine. So here are a few things you should and could count.

▪️ Fitness goals.
▪️ Books that you read.
▪️ New recipes you’ve tried.
▪️ Days you go without smoking or drinking.

The list goes on. Basically, count anything that leads to a positive push, be it professional or personal. These are things you should be keeping track of and are accomplishments you can be proud of!

So, what are you keeping track of? I want to hear how you’re using this time!