I’m baaaaaaaaack! Hung out with my buddy Jorge in Venice. Abbot Kinney is pretty popular. There are lots of great restaurants, cool boutiques to go shopping, and well, my favorite, a lot of street art! What better way to have fun on the west side than to dance our ways through the streets.

Ok, so you could walk, but that wouldn’t be FUN! Oh, I could go on forever about what we did, but being shown is better than being told, right? Recently, one of my friends did introduce me to this site (https://thenicheguru.com/niche-investigation/best-instagram-niches/) that gave me many tips on what I should be focusing on mainly while curating my Instagram posts. So, taking heed from such blogs, I have decided to show you guys what a mind-blowing experience I had.

Go and check it out on my Instagram wall because we made and shared a LOT of posts. We saw some other walls about Abbot Kinney that people shared, perhaps they used a growth tool for Instagram, or perhaps it was just because we were there as well. Either way we all shared in the great experience.

That’s the great thing about Instagram, it’s almost as if you’re there in the post. However, that is not the best thing about Instagram. The best part is that Instagram allows individuals to get appreciated for their work. Moreover, with the option to buy IG followers, it is easier to get more people to see what one is up to. In simple words, Instagram encourages exposure and boosts the confidence of people who have long been wandering to get some appreciation.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, I know now why so many people look to a Growthsilo review or two to help boost their posts, considering how much many people post in a day. Oh, and if you have a favorite wall, share it in the comments below… we have so many more walls to discover!


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