Hotel concierge have the coolest stories! The experiences we are able to create are so uniquely special. Hosting these interviews are a great reminder on all the incredible tasks we are able to pull off. And this one is no exception!

Kalindra Ashleigh, President of the Los Angeles Concierge Association and concierge at the famous Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills, shares a story about making a guest feel like a celebrity, complete with fake paparazzi! I have known Kalindra for many years now and this is what she does. She succeeds at taking an ordinary request and turns it into a fantastic and memorable experience, for her guest, her team members, and herself!

“We made a guest feel like a celebrity, complete with fake paparazzi!”

Kalindra, thank you for sharing your story with us! And if you are watching, please take a moment to stop by and see Kalindra at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Yes, it is also known as the Pretty Woman hotel. Get it!