The Best Airports for a Layover

Best airports for a layover

Attention all travelers, this is the final boarding call to discover the best airports for layovers. Please have your boarding pass and passport out and buckle up for the creme-de-la-creme of terminal extravagance! Do you know what the worst part of traveling is? No, it’s not economy seats, the lack of legroom, or the subpar […]

8 Things NOT to Do in a Hotel


There is nothing like checking into a hotel room. It’s like home, but 10x better. There’s room service (yay to no cooking and dishes!), a big comfy bed, and dozens of amenities that make the stay extra special. …But just because it feels like home doesn’t mean you should treat the hotel like your humble […]

How a Cashless Society Will Affect Hospitality

how a cashless society will affect hospitality

Isn’t it wild to think that we would go to the post office for traveler’s cheques a few decades ago? As our society has become more digital, so have our spending habits. The COVID 19 pandemic is accelerating this change. In 2020, 13.7 million people went cashless for payments. That’s almost a 50% increase from […]

6 Competitive Advantages for Hotels in 2021 and Beyond

Contributing Author: Robert Reitknecht The current state of travel amidst ongoing COVID-19 disruption is looking better than it did one year ago. More than 1.3 billion vaccine doses have now been administered worldwide, with some countries being as much as 60% vaccinated already. While we may not see an international travel boom this year, we […]

Navigating Travel Insurance in 2021

New research from battleface insurance showed that 45% of travelers were charged with unexpected travel costs-that’s more than 50million in fees for items that they thought they were covered by their insurance. Nearly 1 in 5 travelers were charged extra for cancellation fees or changing travel dates. That dreaded lost luggage situation that we all […]

The Most Inspiring Women in Tourism & Hospitality

The Most Inspiring Women In Tourism & Hospitality

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, I’m honoring some of the most inspiring women in travel. These female leaders have helped to pave the way for all of us and continue to break the glass ceiling. It is not just the female leaders who are mentioned here that are inspiring – but every worker in […]

5 Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are a Great Way to Travel in 2021

Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are A Great Way To In 2021

When I say “all-inclusive resorts” do you: A: Roll your eyes B: Scoff at the idea C: Boldly declare that you will NEVER go to one D: All of the above If you’re feeling jaded or on the fence about signing up for one, you’re in the right place. While all-inclusive holidays can be touristy […]

5 Reasons to Give The Gift of Travel This Season

The holidays are here! If you were still trying to figure out what personalized gifts (Cadeaux PersonnalisГ s) to give this holiday season, consider giving the gift of travel. Especially for this year. It is a gift that is often overlooked, yet it is creative, thoughtful, and memorable. We have seen this shift towards “experiences” […]

What Can the Travel Industry Learn from the Black Lives Matter Movement

The past few weeks we have seen a massive shift. The Black Lives Matter movement is now front and centre in the United States, and amazingly has spread into many countries around the world. And rightfully so. We are so, so overdue for this consciousness, awakening, and this revolution. Minorities have the odds stacked against […]