What to do on Christmas Day in Los Angeles?

Woo hoo! #happyholidays! A few reasons to celebrate.. first, today’s video covers all the things you can do on Christmas Day in Los Angeles! As Hanukkah and Christmas happen at the same time this year, Sunday will be pretty quiet. So watch above for a few ideas on what to do that day. ? Also, today marks our 108th video of the year! Weeee! Thank you all for your support, it has been quite a journey! We will take a few weeks off to regroup for next year. But I’ll be gramming all the things I’ll be up to in the meantime. So until then, Happy Holidays… and enjoy this last video of 2016! See ya’ in 2017! ???

Video by Nino D. Gordeli


Lashes by Maud’s of Beverly Hills