Chattanooga: Wayne-O-Rama forward ***NOTE: Wayne O Rama closed September 30th, 2017. Read on for a taste of what it was like.

I loved my recent trip to Chattanooga!

While attending their Film Festival, we were treated to a morning visit to Wayne-O-Rama.

What in the world is Wayne-O-Rama?

It’s the interactive art installation by Wayne White.

You may not know his name, but you certainly know his work.

Most famous for creating the set of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, he’s also worked on famous music videos for artists like Peter Gabriel and Smashing Pumpkins.

Wayne-O-Rama focuses on the history of Chattanooga, his hometown.

Such a great place to stumble upon while in Chatt City, check out the video for a little taste of the world of Wayne!

Read on for a little history on Wayne-O-Rama…

Who is Wayne White?

Wayne White is an Emmy-award winning artist who has worked in countless shows, including Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

He won three Daytime Emmy’s for his work in the show in the 1980’s.

He won a Grammy as the art director of a Smashing Pumpkins video in 1996 and a Billboard award in 1986 for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Big Time’ video in the Best Art Direction Category.

One of his famous word paintings was also used in the album cover of Lambchop’s record, ‘Nixon.’

He has also spoken in Ted Talk back in 2013 and travels the country for talks about his work.

White is definitely an accomplished name in the art and entertainment industry and one of the most respected modern artists today.


In various interviews, Wayne has credited his hometown as his first influence when it came to his work.

According to him, his first ideas of art and the art world came from Chattanooga’s many tourist attractions.

With this installation, Wayne is returning to his Chattanooga roots and sharing his talents so that people can get to see Chattanooga, past and present, through his eyes.

This is also his way of inspiring and growing the local creative community.


Top Wayne-O-Rama Attractions

Some of the more popular Wayne-O-Rama attractions include: Lookout Mountain, The Incline Railway, celebrity cardboard busts and (for example, Samuel L. Jackson!), and his Word Art pieces.

Ultimately, if you want to know Chattanooga more intimately while at the same time take a peek at the inner workings of the amazing mind of Wayne White, there is no better place to go.
Wayne-o-Rama is the place to get to know a little bit of history in a whimsical, candy-colored and interactive environment.
This a great place to take the entire family and learn a few things along the way.
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