We all love how luxurious, spacious, and comfortable we feel when we are in a hotel room. And even though we might not be traveling right now, we can bring that same hotel feel to our own homes-especially our bedrooms.

Here are a few design ideas used in hotel rooms that you can easily replicate in your own bedroom.

Go all white and consider thread count.

Let’s face it, beds are the focal point of the room at a hotel, and more often than hot, you’ll notice that they are white. Invest in high quality, high thread count sheets, and a duvet cover. This means a 300 thread count or higher. Hotels use all-white linens to emphasize cleanliness and luxury. Hotels also tend to use pillow top mattresses for making the bedding softer. It’s an easy change that can really level up the bedroom. Therefore, looking up for Everything you need to know about luxury pillow top mattresses, before choosing one can be helpful. You might not want to miss that bit of softness, that comes with luxury, right!

Add comfortable accessories.

If you notice almost all hotels have throws on the end of their bed. Some are decorative, but in real luxury properties, they add an element of comfort. Things like extra blankets and piles of pillows are an easy way to dress up your own bedroom. Hotel rooms are all about design, which includes things that add texture, coziness, and color to your space. A bonus: they’re easy to change out when the seasons or your tastes change.

Accent Chairs are a must.

Every hotel room includes an accent chair or lounging area of some sort. Create a space to sit, relax, or read a book in your bedroom. This can simply be done by adding a comfortable accent chair or chaise. It is amazing how just adding an extra sitting area can really add to the space.

Add a bench at the end of the bed.

In hotels, benches are very common additions to the foot of the beds. Guests can use it for their luggage, but at home you can always use a bench to keep things off the bed and easily organized, like laying out clothes for the next day or having a place to sit while putting on your shoes in the morning.

Think BIG when it comes to artwork.

Forgo buying artwork for your bedroom wall and consider creating a mural! If you notice, most hotel rooms have specific designs on the walls. Why? It doesn’t age the property. Instead of choosing artwork that can be very iconic of a certain period of time, hotels found that focusing on incorporating murals were a great way to add “art,” color, and even texture-which is far more evergreen than traditional artwork.

Lighting is everything.

Granted, lighting can be more of an involved change to make in a bedroom, but hotel rooms are all about lighting. How many times have you found yourself playing with all the switches and dimmers when you were in a hotel room just to find that perfect light. Well, just replicate that at home! Look for a reliable electrical company (like Sutton Electric, LLC), visit website, call in an electrician and get to work. Have a master panel added by the entry door that controls all the lights, accent lights, reading lights on each side of the bed, and even closet lights that turn on automatically when you open the door. Don’t forget about the bathroom too! Consider having a lighted makeup mirror, a bright vanity light, wall sconces, and small accent lights that can be used as a nightlight. Maybe you could add some neon lights that could brighten up your space and incorporate some contrasting colors into your room! Getting in touch with e-stores such as Neon Filter (www.neonfilter.com) and similar others could be of help in this domain!

Consider balance.

All hotel rooms have bedside tables on both sides of the beds. It is simple, and if you have the space, it is a great way to add balance to the bed area in the room. Also, consider adding a small writing desk. This adds a different level of balance to the space by creating a specific living space as well that is separate from sleeping space.