Every day is a good day to be a better a traveler.

What do I mean by that? Well, just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that you have given up your social responsibility to be a good human being. In fact, BECAUSE you ARE traveling, you should make it a priority to be a better traveler. If you started out being a traveler to find yourself or it came about because you were searching for one of those ‘Hobbies for women and men’ activities, then you probably knew that you would see and do things you never imagined. That is why if you want to keep being a traveler, you need to know how to navigate your way through the world and understand what is going on.

Global Pandemic AND Black Lives Matter Movement

Let’s also be honest about the current climate. unless you’ve been living under a rock, and even then you would know. We are living in the middle for a global pandemic AND a massive Black Lives Matter movement. But before you feel some type of way about it, THIS. IS. HISTORY. And yes, it might be scary and uncertain-but how we navigate through this and the change that will come will be worth it.

I have covered a lot on what the travel industry can and is doing for our guests and travelers. And without question, as businesses they need to examine and adjust their protocols to the current social climate. But as with any good relationship, it goes both ways.

So, as a traveler and a hotelier, I’m asking you to be a better traveler with me. Here are a few ways to empower yourself to have a better trip when times are uncertain.

Stay Informed.

Education is key. Stay informed, make decisions according to facts and information (not hype), and most importantly do not panic. Listen to the suggested precautions from experts and stay on top of new developments as these times can be VERY fluid. One way to maintain your fluidity could be to get one of the best credit cards, for traveling. Credit cards can allow you to travel without needing to inform your bank or worry about your personal debit card getting lost or stolen, so can be worth considering, especially in times when traveling can be an intense situation.

Wait to book

Nervous about booking now? Just wait. Aim to travel later this year. The impact this is having on the travel industry is huge. The market recovery will be slow. And let’s be real, travel will always be there. So do it when you are ready and comfortable. And don’t feel bad about it.

Book Direct

This is an evergreen tip. Always, always, always, book direct (or with a. travel agent). This minimizes double cancellation fees you see from booking with Online Travel Agents and it starts a direct relationship with the airline, hotel, or tour operator. In order to avoid contracting the infection, optionally, you could look for private jet hire in UK or wherever you live. This is because private jets value privacy and confidentiality. They are usually cleaned after each trip to ensure that there are no germs or infections that other people might catch.

Communication is KEY

Call and Speak with someone at the hotel. Don’t just rely on notes made when you book. Speak with someone to communicate your preferences, allergies, sensitivity to chemicals. Last-minute changes might be more difficult to accommodate with new protocols. So work with the hotel or airline to give them as much information about you as possible. While choosing a hotel, look for something unique. Such facilities may have better services and less public, which could be two important requirements while traveling in the pandemic. For instance, if you are traveling to London, perhaps you can explore Prison Hotels UK, boathouse hotels, etc. Uncertain about safety precautions of where you will be staying, check out the hotel’s website, or ask! Contact the concierge or someone at the property to get the lay of the land on how experiences might be different. Do the homework, so you are prepared.

Be Kind

As always, be kind. We are all navigating these unprecedented times together. And truly, everyone is trying their best to ensure you have an incredible experience by controlling what they can control. Staff is trying to adapt to a brand new normal. Just like you, this is new to them as well. In social media terms, don’t be a “Karen.”

Stay safe, stay positive, and see you soon!