What Can the Travel Industry Learn from the Black Lives Matter Movement

The past few weeks we have seen a massive shift. The Black Lives Matter movement is now front and centre in the United States, and amazingly has spread into many countries around the world. And rightfully so. We are so, so overdue for this consciousness, awakening, and this revolution. Minorities have the odds stacked against […]

How to Be a Better Traveler During Uncertain Times

Every day is a good day to be a better a traveler. What do I mean by that? Well, just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that you have given up your social responsibility to be a good human being. In fact, BECAUSE you ARE traveling, you should make it a priority to be […]

7 Ways to Make Quarantine a Better Experience

Let’s face it, staying at home is hard. Oddly enough, we have all dreamed to have a period in our time like this. Finally, a moment where we can hibernate away from people, have a reasonable excuse to not meet certain deadlines, and to just take a breather from the fast-paced life we live. I […]

Coronavirus Halts Travel: What Do We Do

This past week I got to speak on GoodDay LA about how the travel industry has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few of the topics and tips I touched on. Do Not Panic Stay informed and be smart. Listen to the suggested precautions: wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, reduce […]

Hotels Trends Geared Towards the Business Traveler

As a hotelier who also travels, I LOVE to take note of hotel trends. Of course, I pay attention how hotels are meeting my needs (like phone charging stations, healthy food options, and fast, FREE internet), but these have become somewhat expected amenities. I get tickled when I go to a hotel and they are […]

Travel Tip: Buy Travel Insurance When the Trip is Booked

I see it all the time. Guests deal with baggage delays, medical issues, or other emergencies while they are on a trip. Not only does it cost them time, but most often it is the financial cost that really ends up really being deceptively and unexpectedly high. Of course, one hopes that there are never […]

Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

The holidays are nearly here! A time of festivities and family and time off, it’s really is a season of celebration. Unfortunately, when we think of travelling around the holidays, we don’t often share the same sentiments. As much as we all love the holidays, they can be rather taxing. Big personalities and family dynamics […]

#WhenInSEAsia: A Whirlwind Trip Featuring the Best of Southeast Asia

It’s been about a week since I came back from Southeast Asia—mind you, it was my first trip to anywhere in Asia! My overall sentiment is that everyone was so gracious and warm. There is a genuine hospitality there that is really refreshing to experience. If you weren’t following along. Let me catch you up […]

Hotel Hotspots: Where to Stay in Nashville for a Weekend Getaway

Nashville is always a good time! Whether you’re a music lover, foodie, or art enthusiast, there is plenty to eat, see, and do in Music City. Of course, choosing where to stay while you’re in Nashville is equally as important. Where To Stay In Nashville In partnership with Marriott Americas, we hit the town for […]