There is nothing like checking into a hotel room.

It’s like home, but 10x better.

There’s room service (yay to no cooking and dishes!), a big comfy bed, and dozens of amenities that make the stay extra special.

…But just because it feels like home doesn’t mean you should treat the hotel like your humble abode.

Here are a few of the biggest no-nos you’ll want to avoid when checking into your next hotel room.

Ignoring Check-In and Checkout Times

hotel room

Need to arrive early?

Will a late checkout be an absolute lifesaver?

Don’t ignore the times to suit your convenience. Always ask a few days before you arrive (or even better, when you book your room) if it’s possible.

If it is, the hotel staff will accommodate your request.

But if there is another booking, the staff needs to clean and sanitize the room before the next guests arrive.

Overstaying your welcome is a sure-fire way to throw a spanner in their work schedule and potentially cause the other guests to receive a lackluster experience.

Not Tipping The House Cleaning Staff Daily

hotel room bed

Do you need to tip house cleaning every day?



The tip can be a gesture of respect towards the staff for assisting you and making your stay comfortable. For instance, when someone hires services like carpet or upholstery cleaning (you can click here to learn more), they tend to pay the professionals for their service. So, why not pay the hotel staff for cleaning up your mess. Additionally, it’s to make sure the right person gets the tip. Often hotel staff work on a roster. The person who cleans your room on Tuesday is not always the same person who tidies it up on Wednesday.

Leave a small tip every day, either on the pillow or on a table with a note.

Need to brush up on your tipping etiquette? Read my post here and demystify who you have to tip and how much.

Being Inconsiderate of Other Guests

hotel room lounge area

Remember, you’re at a hotel, not your house.

While you might shout across the room to your spouse or let your kids break the sound barrier in your backyard, when you’re on vacation, you need self-awareness.

Sound carries, and the walls aren’t soundproof.

Consider the other guests and speak at a normal level. Don’t blast your TV or music at high volumes. Avoid slamming your doors (especially late at night and early in the mornings) and keep your kids in check, especially in lobbies and hallways.

Hogging Hotel Amenities

hotel pool

It’s not okay to wake up at 5 am, walk down to the pool, and put a towel on a lounge chair to “reserve” it. Respect the other guests and share the hotel amenities unless you’re going swimming right away.

The same goes with using the gym.

Don’t use a towel or a water bottle to “reserve” the treadmill or machine. It’s rude and entitled behavior.

As always, follow basic gym protocols like using a towel and wiping down equipment before and after use. Respect any COVID rules in place, especially social distancing.

Remember, if it’s not allowed back home, don’t do it on vacation. It ruins the experience for everyone.

Keep The Throw Pillows and Sheets Clean

hotel room with decorative pillows

Decorative pillows and Comfortwill hotel sheets tend to look great but could be tough to clean.

During your hotel stay, avoid putting them on the floor. Leave the pillows on the couch or a table.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to not sleep on them either.


If throw pillows get dirty, they have to be specially cleaned or thrown out. Help the hotel out by doing your part and looking after the decor. If you like them, you may acquire more of the same or a lumbar throw pillow for your home.

Don’t Assume You’ll Get Adjoining Rooms

suitcases in hotel room

Planning a girls getaway or an extended family trip? The hotel isn’t automatically giving you rooms on the same floor or even next to each other.

If you want to be close to your nearest and dearest, make it known when you book.

…But keep in mind, it can be impossible. Unless you’re booking MONTHS in advance, the hotel will struggle to get a large number of rooms on the same floor.

Don’t Sneak a Pet into Your Room

dog in hotel room

You can definitely sneak your Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake into the room but not Fido. If you want to travel with Fido, book a pet-friendly hotel.

There are loads of hotels these days that cater to pooches, making it easier than ever before to avoid putting your fur child in the kennel for a weekend.

But if a hotel has a no animal policy, don’t try to sneak past it.

You’ll find yourself paying a fine or getting kicked out of your room.

Read Through The Welcome Booklet

checking into a hotel

Before you pick up the phone to ask the front desk, “What’s the WiFi password?”, read the welcome booklet.

It has the hotel’s rules, the all-important WiFi password, things to do, menus, and so much more.

By taking the time to page through it, you’ll save yourself time and avoid the misfortune of waking up too late for the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

What are some of your biggest no-nos when staying at a hotel? Let me know in the comments below!