Picture this: You’ve just checked into a fancy hotel for the weekend, but you’re treating it as nothing more than a place to sleep. 

That’s where I come in.

 As a former hotel concierge, I’ve seen countless travelers miss out on the many perks and experiences that come with a hotel stay. 

From free tickets to top-notch shows to discounts on local tours, hotels have so much to offer beyond a comfortable bed. 

Ready to unlock the secrets of hotel living?

Keep reading to discover how you can make the most out of your next hotel stay and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Speak to the Concierge

Are you dying to see Wicked on Broadway but don’t have the hookup? Fear not. Your New York City concierge is your fairy godmother in disguise.

These magical helpers can work their wizardry to secure tickets to hit shows, make reservations at the hottest restaurants, and even arrange babysitters or tours during your stay. 

But here’s the catch.

You’ve got to speak up and ask for their help. Don’t be shy. Make use of their expertise and let them work their magic to make your stay truly unforgettable.

Ask For a Corner Room

Want a bigger, brighter, and better hotel room without paying a fancy suite price tag? Here’s a hack for you: ask for a corner room! 


It’s one of the best hacks for getting a bigger hotel room for free.

Corner rooms typically offer more natural light, stunning views, and more square footage than your standard hotel room. And here’s the real kicker – the front desk is more likely to say yes to that than a free room upgrade.

So before you settle, give it a shot. Who knows, you might end up with a room fit for a king on a budget! 

Explore Beyond Your Hotel 

Don’t limit your vacation to the confines of your hotel room! Take advantage of the unique experiences and cultural activities offered by many hotels. 

From excursions to local hotspots to interactive classes on regional cuisine, these opportunities offer a chance to delve deeper into your destination while still enjoying the luxurious amenities of your hotel. 

And here’s a bonus tip: be sure to ask your hotel concierge about off-site tours and activities offered by locals. 

Not only can they be more affordable than those offered by major operators, but they also provide a more authentic and immersive experience of the local culture. 

Head to the Spa

Looking to add a little luxury to your hotel stay? Look no further than the on-site spa! Whether you’re jet-lagged from a long flight or need to unwind after a day of exploring, a trip to the spa is the perfect way to pamper yourself.

Need more convincing?

In-house spas often have exclusive discounts and packages for guests. Before you check out, call the front desk and ask what specials are up for grabs.

Enquire About Free Airport Transfer Perks

The most overlooked hotel stay perk? Free transport.

While not every hotel will pick you up from the airport for free, some include it as a value add.

Not only does it save you money on transportation expenses, but it’s a hassle-free way to explore a destination. No more getting lost on unfamiliar streets or spending ages on public transport – just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Plus, what’s better than finding out you don’t need to spend $60 on a taxi ride? All of a sudden, you have extra money to funnel toward an activity or a restaurant for dinner.

Tip: You can use the search functionality on Booking.com to filter hotels that offer a free pick-up service.

Get To Know The Staff

The hotel staff are your greatest ally in a new city.

Strike up a conversation while checking in, and you unlock a pandora’s box of insider tips on the best local restaurants, clubs, and activities.

Imagine this.

You arrive in Berlin and are curious about the local drag scene. You start speaking to the front desk and discover the person is a huge fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. By the time the conversation ends, you have a list of bars to check out that frequently host local drag shows without having to troll through Google reviews.

P.S. Remember to tip your hotel staff well. It will make all the difference from a service point of view.

Take Advantage of Room Service

Want to make your hotel stay feel extra indulgent? Look no further than room service! 

It’s the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your stay and enjoy a delicious meal or drink without leaving your cozy room. 

From breakfast in bed to late-night snacks, room service allows you to enjoy a range of dining options at your own pace. You might even discover new menu items you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. 

Pro tip: Before ordering, ask about any discounts or special promotions the hotel may offer for room service.

Plan Your Next Hotel Stay

And there you have it – seven practical tips to turn your next hotel stay from boring to unforgettable. 

Don’t settle for a “meh” experience when you can add some pizazz to your travels. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, take advantage of all the perks and amenities your hotel offers. 

Get to know the friendly staff, seize those discounts, ask for a corner room, and speak to your hotel concierge for insider tips and exclusive access to sold-out events. 

Go any questions about making the most out of your hotel stay? Comment below!