The holidays are here! If you were still trying to figure out what personalized gifts (Cadeaux PersonnalisГ s) to give this holiday season, consider giving the gift of travel. Especially for this year. It is a gift that is often overlooked, yet it is creative, thoughtful, and memorable.

We have seen this shift towards “experiences” over the past few years. And in a year where we missed having so many of our usual experiences, 2020 accelerated this shift. So truly, there is not a better time than the present to consider the gift of travel.

You don’t have to take my word for it. According to research by Destination Analysts, 47 % of Americans would feel either happy or very happy to receive a travel-related gift this holiday season. And nearly 60 % of respondents agreed that getting a vacation scheduled in the next six months would make them feel there is something happy to look forward to. Of course, gifts like plane tickets or hotel bookings can be expensive, so don’t be ashamed to get something else that would also be much-loved. A world map for home use, for example, is incredibly useful for travel as it can help with planning the next journey and destination. So, whilst you might not have got them to their destination, you inspired them to visit in the first place!

The proof is in the pudding, but if you’re not convinced just yet, here are five reasons to consider giving the gift of travel.

Gift that Keeps on Giving

It is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will the recipient enjoy it when they receive it, but they will continue to get enjoyment looking forward to the trip, going on the trip, and then post-trip. With all of those variables and the number of times that gifting a trip can spark joy in the recipient makes it a gift with one of the best values.

It is Win-Win

Let’s be honest. If you are gifting your loved ones a trip, you might very well be joining them on the trip! Win-win! Not only will your recipient enjoy the gift, but you will get to reap the benefits as well. For instance, sometimes parents might want to fund a dream vacation for their child. Some might even want to release some equity from their house to help pay for it, which might not reduce the value of their home much, especially if their interest rates are good (find out what is a good amount of interest to pay on equity release here). While others might have a savings account that they have been preparing for this very situation. The point is, since you’re paying so much for the enjoyment of your child, it would be ideal for you to tag along. You’ll not only enjoy planning a trip together, but you’ll also make lasting memories. Creating a dream vacation that not only your loved one will enjoy, but you will as well.

Buy Now, Travel Later

For many reasons we might not be traveling this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan to travel later, when you’re ready. In fact, I HIGHLY recommend that you start planning now. First of all, there are so many deals going on. (Just take a look at Karisma’s Holiday Sale!) Secondly, when it comes time to travel again, there is going to be a huge rush of other travelers looking to book as well. So get ahead of the wave and book when there is plenty of availability. And third, let flexible cancellation/rebooking policies be your peace of mind in booking ahead. Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the specific rules of your plane ticket or resort reservation, but now more than ever, there is more flexibility.

Travel Themed Gifts

Have fun with the gift! It doesn’t have to be a simple plane ticket or gift card (which are A-OK in my book), you can get creative with the presentation. For example, maybe pair a sunny, vacation reservation with some cute flip-flops and some sunscreen. Or sunglasses and spotify plaques with a picture of sunny beaches of Florida on it or a sarong along with a gift card. Or better yet, a margarita mix with a tropical escape. You get the idea. And seriously, how can you go wrong with any of these?

Get the Best Deals

What makes planning a vacation even sweeter is knowing that you got a great deal. Traditionally speaking, planning at least six months in advance gets you some of the best rates on a future trip. Planning ahead combined with Holiday Sales means you can get even better deals! Or even go the route of an all-inclusive, like any of the Karisma Hotels and Resorts properties. And as I mentioned before, you’ll want to get ahead of the travel rush.


As if I needed to twist your arm about putting a trip under the tree, now you have five solid reasons to give the gift of travel. So, take advantage of all of the above. Seriously, bookmark this and thank me later with a margarita in your hand. It’s OK, I’ll wait.