Travel Essentials: An Overflow Bag and More!

Calling all travelers! I got to sit down with a top travel & lifestyle blogger, Diaries of Wanderlust, who has some really great #traveltips to share! ✈️

Her top tips are:

#1 Bring an overflow bag!

Perfect for when you buy goodies on your trip and you need extra storage when you come back.

#2 Be careful what you post on social media.

You never know who is watching. She suggest posting thing slightly delayed and not sharing info like your room number, etc.

#3 Back up your photos on a daily basis.

Nothing is worse than losing all the glorious pictures you took!


Krista’s tips are really practical and smart! ? I’ve been lucky enough to travel with her, and I can say she lives by these tips!

Be sure to check out Diaries of Wanderlust for some solid travel inspiration!


Video by Nino D. Gordeli


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