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Read below for the fun interview/feature I did with the City of West Hollywood! http://www.visitwesthollywood.com/blog/my-weho-sarah-dandashy-les-clefs-dor-concierge/ By: Ben Harper Inside information from locals celebrities and tastemakers who work, play and live in WeHo. Sarah Dandashy of the London West Hollywood. West Hollywood may be a small city, but it’s packed with restaurants, spas, lounges, and things to Read more

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Interview: The Grand Budapest Hotel: An Ode to Hospitality

As always, feel free to click the link below for the original article posting. Otherwise, read on! http://theindustreegroup.com/the-grand-budapest-hotel-an-ode-to-hospitality/ By Mikl Wu This is not a review of the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you do that now and then come back. Because we’ve got spoilers galore. Wes Read more

Best Way to Celebrate the 4th of July in Washington, DC

Interview: Cue The Concierge Series for Blouin Art Info

Here’s yet another fun article for Blouin Art Info! Click on the link, or read below for more! http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1103743/cue-the-concierge-sarah-dandashy-of-the-london-west-hollywood Culture+Travel presents a weekly series that allows the world’s leading luxury hotels, resorts, and boutiques to reveal some hidden secrets and hot new places to visit in the cities they are located, as well as offer Read more

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